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In our clinic works a team, oriented on the best results, with the help of whom, many patients have found solutions for their health concerns. During the operations and after, the patient is cared for by a team consisting of the top specialists in their area, consisting of a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, the surgery nurse, the nurse on duty, and if necessary, additional staff.

Dr. Mare Malva is the first plastic surgeon in Estonia who obtained the specialty of a plastic surgeon from the University of Tartu in 2004 and completed a residency in plastic surgery at the University of Helsinki in Finland in 2000-2004.


In addition to the clinic established by her in Tallinn, Doctor Malva also works in Finland, in the Hyvinkää hospital as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Malva has been professionally involved in Hyvinkää hospital from 2006 onwards, and her daily routine procedures include breast and skin cancer surgery, breast reconstruction surgeries, burns and frost treatment, plastic treatment of scars and wounds, ear correction, plastic surgery of flabby skin areas, etc.


Dr. Mare Malva has accumulated extensive plastic surgery experience – she performs annually about 300 plastic surgeries. Daily practice and being up-to-date with the latest research and trends in plastic surgery, ensure Dr. Mare Malva is a leading specialist in her area.

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Mare Malva MD

Date and place of birth: July 5th, 1972 Tallinn, Estonia

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